Millenarianistic Chronodyke

The mayor of Ethelcrest has been disgraced and every political party is hungry for his seat. Henry has escaped from prison, but to evade the cops he joins a party whose platform he can’t comprehend. The Tech Nomads escalate from wifi raids to a digital-magic coup. The Clown Party is ostracized by the other candidates, and are driven to radical action. The mayor plots treason to install himself as king. They will all clash in their quests for power. No matter who wins the parliamentary municipal election, the island-nation city-state of Ethelcrest will never be the same.


Paranoid blogger Larry Grank is convinced that the Shadow Doctors are administering mind-control drugs to their patients, in service to their evil god. But soon Larry finds himself entangled in a reality-bending labyrinth of intelligent microbes seeking to rule the world. Hunted by the faceless men and spider-controlled porcelain dolls, he needs to find a cure before they turn him into a vector of disease.

Here are some books I wrote under a pseudonym.

The Paranoid Adventures of Larry Grank.

by Matt Payne

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Larry uncovers plots by aliens, the mayor, multiple antichrists, and more! Is he an unreliable narrator in an unreliable universe? Or is he the one man who can show us the truth?

The Sick Book of Lies

by Matt Payne and Tom Halford

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A gruesome grimoire of impossible bullshit, hilarious anecdotes, subversive satire, and good advice. A multi-authored tome sharing spiritual insight, metaphysical secrets, get-rich-quick schemes, recipes, and more. Pretty much rated X